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Write Your Story of Home

In this five-week class, you’ll reminisce about your favorite space in childhood, your relationship to nature, your first digs, travel and homecoming, and that perfect place you keep dreaming of. You’ll look at how home nourishes your relationships, your work, your inner life. And by the time we’re finished you will have written more than a biography of home, an actual location. You’ll have discovered what home means to you on every level—as source of intimacy, creativity and self-renewal. And as a state of mind as well as a specific place.

You’ll also explore your need for work-life balance and how home today serves as a cultural salon, a personal sanctuary, and center of creativity and commerce. How do you organize all these activities into a single space? And in what way does your home function as an interactive hive?

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Films about Home and Homecoming

In this six-week course, we’ll explore the link between home and our personal transformation, at every stage of life. We’ll begin with The Wizard of Oz, asking what place means to us in childhood, and why home is something we take for granted until we have to leave it. We’ll contrast Dorothy’s adventure in the Emerald City with Hushpuppy’s struggle for survival in Beasts of the Southern Wild, a stirring tale about Hurricane Katrina and loss of home through climate change. Next, we’ll look at Pride and Prejudice—asking how individual temperament and our choice of a life partner–set the tone for the entire household. Finally, we’ll explore home as the adventure of a lifetime with Out of Africa, and as a place for magical self-reinvention after the loss of a spouse with All Passion Spent.

Each class will include an introduction to each film and its main themes; links to watch it on your own devices; guided journal exercises and a lively group discussion.

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