Living Color vs. Minimalism

A report in The Lancet shows that during a quarantine, boredom and isolation bring on psychological distress, especially among teens and young adults. Yet you can turn that around by teaching them what everyone knew a generation or two before the internet: Solitude is the best breeding ground for creativity, and boredom is the mother of invention. Encourage your offspring to dance, play their favorite music, draw, or listen to audio books—or even repair something around the house.

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Design With Nature

For years I have been teaching people how to look at nature and how to use its basic principles to create an inspired home. Here are a few tips that will make your house feel like it’s part of a living landscape. These stem from 3.8 billion years of evolution, or the earth’s own R&D.

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High-rise Forests

Green buildings are a growing presence on city skylines, making the temperatures more comfortable and the air easier to breathe. The skin of the building is covered with such dense plantings it appears to be wholly organic.

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