Fall 2021 The Alchemy of Reading, Writing, and Eating

The ancient Egyptians had a trial marriage called “a year of eating.”  If a couple’s  tastes proved too dissimilar, and the conversation wanting, the union could be dissolved.  Is compatibility in the kitchen a valid test of our relationships? 

The best-selling novelist and founder of Narrative magazine tells why home is always at the center of her books.      

Whenever this esteemed food writer encountered avocados, she heard bells.  L. John Harris has an intriguing explanation.  

Phil Cousineau on Carver’s  stories of quiet desperation—and unexpected moments of redemption.

Sara Evans on the challenge of losing a spouse, and finding consolation in solitude and books. 

New from Notting Hill Editions:  Smoke by John Berger and Frida Kahlo and My Left Leg  by Emily Rapp Black.

Virginia Woolf  conjures up the romantic poets read before the first world war—over a meal of partridges and pudding. 

Imaginary cookbook titles—from Mark Twain to Kurt Vonnegut.

Ria Meronek discovers how the block removes itself. 

Marie Erb on treasures of the creek and forest, and our place in the natural world.

…is sometimes out of doors.  Maryanne Patty finds inspiration in a meadow.

Cliff Hakim irons a beloved shirt—and discovers a wrinkle in time.

Poet Linda Joy Cordtz on working an orchard and learning from the land. 

J. Ruth Gendler probes the origins of language in the body—and reminds us of the poetry of everyday life.  

Kimberly Fallon-Cook tells us how to move between chaos and mindfulness in the kitchen.

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