Tell Your Story of Home

What’s behind our mysterious attachment to home? How does it shape our sense of self, our creativity and relationships? In this 90-minute Zoom class, we’ll explore home as center stage for the unfolding of our lives.  In six meetings, we will focus on these themes:

  • Sanctuary
  • Longing and Belonging
  • Sacred Space and Ritual
  • A Sustaining  Story 
  • Home as a Hive of Creativity 
  • The Life Cycle and the Eco-Cycle

We will take as our starting point two short readings from Reinventing Home, then consider our reactions to them in our “deep dive” Zoom discussion. For your writing assignment, you will choose the theme that appeals to you the most.  You don’t need to be a professional writer to join this class, just interested in exploring the deeper meaning of home through conversation and journal writing.

This online class is offered in collaboration with Leap, an innovative tech company in San Francisco that connects people over 55 for enlightening dialogues.    

TELL YOUR STORY OF HOME will run for 6 weeks in real time with ongoing feedback and dialogue.  You will work closely with the workshop leader, Valerie Andrews, and between sessions you will be matched 1:1 with a fellow learners to give and receive feedback on the assignment or share other writing.

To sign up go to

We only have 6 seats available so reserve your space soon.

This first class is free of charge. The only thing we ask for is some of your time for short interviews during and after the course of the class. We thrive on feedback so would love any areas of improvement that you see during or after the duration of the class.

Date and Time:  Starting July 8th, 2021

  • Classes: Thursdays noon-1.30pm PST / 3-4.30pm EST / 9-10.30pm CET.

  • 1:1 Match: Tuesdays 9-9.30am PST / 12-12.30pm EST / 6-6.30pm CET.  One-on-one sessions start on July 13th after the first group meeting.

We will email you a calendar invite before the class starts.

Among the questions we’ll ask:

Sanctuary: What do you need at home to feel comfortable and secure? When are those needs trumped by other people or obligations? How has your sense of home changed after the pandemic?

Longing and Belonging: How do we gather around the hearth today? What kind of bounty or confidences do we share with others? How does home connect us to our family traditions and our ancestors?

Sacred Space and Ritual: Do you have an altar that consists of special objects?  Or a vision board with photos of role models who inspire you? A place for family photos—what energy do these people bring to the room and how do they support you when you go out into the world?

A Sustaining Story: What myth or story sustains you on long lonely nights? How have you learned to welcome the dark — and tend to some untended portion of your personality? What human qualities (compassion, tenderness, patience, understanding, etc) would you like to join you at the hearth?

Home as a Hive of Creativity:  How have you carved out your own creative space? What issues did you have overcome — or are still contending with—to set up a room of your own?  What themes or projects do you nurture there? 

The Life Cycle and the Eco-Cycle:   How is your sense of home evolving due to economic shifts, climate change and other challenges? And how might your living situation change in the years ahead?  How does your story of home reflect the turning points of the culture, and in your own individual journey?

New class added starting July 6

About the workshop leader

The course is facilitated by Valerie Andrews, founder of Reinventing Home. She has written widely about home and our quest for belonging in A Passion for this Earth: Exploring a New Partnership of Man, Woman and Nature and in her forthcoming book, Where the Heart Is. A graduate of the Guild for Spiritual Guidance, Valerie founded Sacred Words: A Center for Healing Stories and was a featured commentator in A Still Small Voice, an award-winning documentary on the interface of science and spirituality. She also contributed to two other films: Nourish, the story of our food from soil to plate and Powershift, the story of alternative energy. Her articles have appeared in The Optimist, Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche, Common Boundary, The Sun, Intuition, Parabola, Esquire, Vogue, and New York magazine. She’s also lectured widely about the future of work.  Learn more about Reinventing Home here.

Preparations and requirements

What you’ll do:

  • Read two short articles before each class.
  • Think about the “conversation starter” questions.
  • Complete one journal assignment before each class.
  • Choose a 2-5 paragraph portion of that assignment to share when we meet each week.
  • Share your writing one-on-one with other class members. 

What you’ll need:

  • Laptop and good internet connection.
  • Access to Zoom. If you don’t have it we will help you get set up!
  • A journal – yes that is right, a paper journal!  Or if you prefer, you may keep assignments in a word file on your computer.

For a list of short reading assignments (essays from Reinventing Home), our conversation topics, and journal questions,  sign into Leap here then click on All Details—there you will find the full Curriculum. 

Photo by John Towner on Unsplash
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