Issue No.4 November 2019

With some simple guidelines for conversation, psychologists Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt help us move beyond our “fight or flight” response and discover new levels of empathy and compassion. The benefits include better relationships at home, a stronger rapport with our neighbors, and a saner way of dealing with our cultural differences.

Psychologist Helen Marlo says work-life balance is out of reach for most of us, especially working mothers.  Her advice: View your life as a symphony.

German cabaret artist Anna Depenbusch explores why we leave home and what draws us back. Frank Beck reviews her haunting songs.

Best-selling author Jean Shinoda Bolen says our work to change the world must be balanced by time at home for reflection and self-renewal. 

Poet Barbara Swift Brauer considers what happens to a marriage when we bring the outside in. 

Sara Evans explores Gustave Baumann’s move to New Mexico and his woodcuts from the 1930s on, in a lavish new book from Rizzoli. 

In the 1600s, this boomtown in the Andes supplied the world with silver. It also destroyed the land and created a global financial scandal.

A new study shows that a loving home can protect teens from a host of ills, including mental health issues, risky sexual behavior and drug abuse.


Kittens are the answer.  Science reporter Melissa Hughes explains how animal videos can help us cope with stress throughout the holidays.  

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