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Editorial Guidelines

First person essays offer an original way of thinking about the home, our universal concerns about being good neighbors, our search for sanctuary, creative lifestyles (from living on a houseboat to moving to another country) and unusual uses of the home (ateliers, home-based businesses or nonprofits, artisan workshops).  Length 1000 words.

Features focus on relationship trends like living together while living apart, building a sense of home in your community, holding literary or musical salons. Length 1200 words.

Cultural Overviews present academic research on the evolution of the home. We are happy to adapt presentations and papers to our editorial style. Length up to 2500 words.

Reviews. We are always on the lookout for books, films, poetry and plays about the evolution of home.

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Reinventing Home is non-profit journalism. We heartily thank all of our contributors for their expertise and the donation of their time.

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