Issue No. 3 October 2019

The future depends on our ability to come together in community and change the way we view our homes.  In northern California, people are clinging to outmoded notions of beauty and nostalgia, while experts tell them Nature herself has other plans.  

When we’re buffeted about by waves of social change, home can serve as a much-needed sanctuary. 

Artist Frances Kidder captures the devastation of the 1874 Mill River flood, yet another story of arrogance and greed.
Green buildings are a growing presence on city skylines, making the temperatures more comfortable and the air easier to breathe.
Our new skyscrapers will head in the opposite direction—down into the oceans like strands of kelp and into the earth like searching roots.

San Francisco playwright and poet Mercilee Jenkins believes that while we move on to other places, the spirit of a house remains.

A tour of haunted houses, why old places matter, storytelling at the hearth, and literary giants trying to solve the problem of homelessness.

The paintings in Leo M. Tadek’s home are a memoir of his marriage, his life in Belgium and in Moscow — and also double as a tour of European history.

Mona Molarsky tells how to engage works of art from the idyllic to the political. Our editors weigh in on the way these images can change our lives.

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