Issue No.1 August 2019

Why are we so nostalgic for the comforts of home? How are we reinventing it as an intellectual salon, a mindful sanctuary, a hub of creativity and commerce?  Here’s how to track your own story of home.

Silicon Valley coach Bronwyn Saglimbeni manages three children, a type A husband, and teaches CEOs to ace TED Talks — all in the same space.

Mona Molarsky tells how to converse with a painting. Our editors weigh in on engaging a work of art — and why this requires a leap of faith.

Our possessions aren’t just passive objects here to do our bidding.  Says C.G.Jung: They have personalities and adventures of their own.

Valerie Andrews describes the eros of caring for the home, “an ongoing love affair that makes us want to hunker down and never leave.”

On building a place from scratch: “I was involved, frustrated, devoted, resolved, nicked and scraped and delighted…I was whimsical, absorbed, happy.”

On the history of home: “The house…is rich with the textures of presence from all the welcomes and valedictions that have occurred on its threshold.”

New research shows that many Americans  are one lost paycheck, one hospital bill, one mishap away from eviction. No one will rent to them again. 

The surprising theme of this year’s college application essays: The world works a lot  better when people take the time to clean up after themselves.

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