The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Hailed at Sundance, The Last Black Man in San Francisco is a loving exploration of black male identity, wounded masculinity, and the healing power of friendship, family, and art. The film allows us to hang out with two sensitive and gentle men, Jimmie and Montgomery, two artists in their thirties, life-long friends, searching for a sense of meaning and belonging.

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Away We Go

If you’re trying to find an affordable house and a community of like-minded folks to help you raise your kids, every second-tier city in North America is up for grabs. In Away We Go, Burt and Verona are looking for a town that feels homey and familiar, friends who are kind and supportive, and a house that fits them like a glove.

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Living on a Cruise Ship

Fine dining, entertainment, terrific views, a new adventure in every port. That’s the lure of life on a cruise ship. And it’s also why extended voyages are fast becoming an alternative to fancy condos for boomers not quite ready to settle down.

…But if you’re concerned about your carbon footprint. you might want to do some armchair cruising, with our list of books and classic films.

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