The House as Mirror of the Psyche

In his autobiography, Memories, Dreams and Reflections, the Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung records a remarkable dream. He has entered a house with many rooms and many levels, each one corresponding to a different layer of human history. This concept of a collective past would later become the basis for the discipline of Evolutionary Psychology.

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Renovating with a Shaman

…..The next morning I went to the door of the garage, opened it, and entered.

The moldy odor had evaporated, and I didn’t feel weird or sad entering this sacred space. Eventually I gave things away and in some instances had to toss objects that were too far-gone with mold. I did it with respect and love for the previous owner. My friend Miguel had changed the very energy in the garage, and I could now enter and do what was necessary.

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Podcast: Our Home in the Cosmos

The Relationship of Creation and Destruction: “One of the things that has struck me is the way in which the universe relies upon destruction, upon chaos. When we examine particles coming forth from the quantum field, we see that they come in pairs. A proton will come forth with an anti-proton and they both annihilate each other. But there’s also asymmetry — at one point, there was this plus-one proton that broke through.

“This is the universe we have to deal with. There’s no way we are going to eliminate chaos or disruption or annihilation. It’s absolutely essential to the ongoing creativity of the universe.”

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Holiday Thoughts of Home

My mother lived in the past, and when her ideal of the Currier and Ives Christmas didn’t measure up, she was angry and hurt and made our home life miserable. Now I have my own version of a Currier and Ives Christmas—one both satisfying and attainable.

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Why Activists Need Home

A new generation of feminists is addressing the injustices they see at home — from domestic violence to inadequate food, water, and lack of housing, in every corner of the world. Over one million NGOs and grass roots organizations now focus on women’s basic safety, while helping them to build strong families and sound regional economies

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Make Your Life Like Music

Psychologist Helen Marlo explores the myth of work-life balance and notes that the rhythm of life keeps changing. The best thing we can do is go with it — thinking of life as a symphony moving from a crashing overture to a brief adagio then back to the uptempo beat again.

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Safe Conversations — The Power to Connect

With some simple guidelines for conversation, psychologists Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt help us move beyond our “fight or flight” response and discover new levels of empathy and compassion. The benefits include better relationships at home, a stronger rapport with our neighbors, and a saner way of dealing with our cultural differences.

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When Politics Drive Us Crazy

Want to calm your brain and avoid holiday conflict? Research shows that certain images can make us happier, increase our resilience to stress and prime our brains for positive behaviors toward others like care, compassion, and empathy. A whole range of physical and emotional effects are triggered when we view warm fuzzy images of animals and babies.

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