The Mindful Home

What does slow housekeeping mean in a culture that feeds on instant gratification? How does home provide a safe haven in a world that moves too fast and demands too much? On social media, we record our public triumphs—the tantalizing meal, the perfect vacation, the pack of smiling friends—trying so hard to be special that we cease to value ordinary life.

If you’re bored with your persona, or with endless competition, spend a few hours cleaning up the living room. My tip of the day: Household chores can be the quickest antidote to personality overdrive and digital fatigue. All we need to do is ground ourselves in the simple rituals of home. This is what I call the Slow Housekeeping movement. As the Slow Food movement reminds us to honor the food we put on our plate, and consider its origins, Slow Housekeeping asks us to appreciate the everyday grace and gratitude of home-making.

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