Renovating with a Shaman

…..The next morning I went to the door of the garage, opened it, and entered.

The moldy odor had evaporated, and I didn’t feel weird or sad entering this sacred space. Eventually I gave things away and in some instances had to toss objects that were too far-gone with mold. I did it with respect and love for the previous owner. My friend Miguel had changed the very energy in the garage, and I could now enter and do what was necessary.

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Sensuous Housekeeping

We devour books like The Magical Art of Tidying Up because they teach us how to groom our homes and keep them free from clutter. Yet we want much more than a spanking clean closet and a living room that’s easy on the eyes. We hunger for a rich and sensuous rapport—an ongoing love affair with home that makes us want to hunker down and never leave it.

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The Mindful Home

What does home mean in a culture that feeds on instant gratification? How does it provide a safe haven in a world that moves too fast and demands too much? Learn how to get centered as you create your own domestic rituals.

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