After Lorca

by Ann Robinson

Photo by Edgar Henriquez at Unsplash

While travel is restricted we can conjure up a place in the imagination.  Here’s how a poet visits faraway places while staying close to home.

What concerns me now is a lemon,

Split through the center.

A yellow basin,

The walk on both sides,

A bitter landscape,

But free to talk.


My lips intimate with it,

Glad for the gift of silence,

I see better without speaking.


I follow a daily ritual,

Strolling Barcelona’s curving

Cobbled streets.


Strangers have followed me,

What I press to my mouth

Recalls them.


Imagination is a distant soil.

I tell you all because it doesn’t matter.

I have never traveled to Spain, but feel

Spain’s unforgiving heat


in my backyard, among sparrows

And yucca and a lemon tree.

Ann Robinson retired from civil service after twenty five years and owns a farming operation with her sister in Arkansas. Her most recent book of poems, Stone Window, was released in 2014.

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